Please consult the Skill Levels section below before signing up for any of our workshops.

Skill Levels

Wind & the Willow offers willow-weaving workshops for all experience levels. To sign up for the class(es) that best fit you, match your skills to one of the categories below: 

A photograph of one of our class participants showing the bowl she created. She's smiling and seems very pleased with the results.

People who are new to willow weaving; classes for those who have not woven with willow before and are unable to make a basket without considerable assistance.

The maker has made some willow baskets before and is able to work independently using basic willow-weaving techniques. 

Weavers who are familiar with a range of willow-weaving techniques and are able to make a basket independently.

People who can work to the level of the class (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and are looking for ways to practise skills already learned or to improve their technique. It’s all about practise!

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